Monday, October 29, 2012

Rowley says he's ready for THA election

In this Newsday photo, PNM leader Keith Rowley holds hands with the party's new executive
The People's National Movement (PNM) staged a well choreographed presentation of their leader at Sunday's party convention, using an American style, which was preceded by a video showing a gentle, folksy side of Keith Rowley and his Tobago roots.

And in his speech to supporters Rowley put Tobago on the agenda. “The troops are gathering in Tobago. The moment is at hand!” Rowley declared.

Other speakers had already set the tone and Rowley expanded on the Tobago theme, saying: “The PNM is alive and well, the spirit of the PNM is moving through all the land—PNM’s cup runneth over!”

His address was titled: "Putting the Nation back on Track", which focused on what he said was the destruction of Trinidad & Tobago by the present People's Partnership administration. His targets were Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Rowley said: “We have an Attorney General who is generally known more for his belligerent indiscretions, who admits to his inadequate qualifications for the successful performance of his duties." He called Persad-Bissessar a Prime Minister best known for her "missteps, mistakes, miscalculations, misrepresentations, misunderstanding of her power and authority over the THA."

Expanding on the subject of Tobago he charged that the government believes it can buy the island. "From the first moment the Prime Minister set foot on Tobago, her bellicose stance was marked by her declaration that she has “courthouse clothes” and her hostility to the duly elected PNM-controlled THA never abated," he charged.

“She refused to acknowledge the existence of the legal executive body and insulted the Assembly at every turn but Tobagonians are a proud, respectful people who are more than capable of enduring these slights and defending their honour with dignity.”

He served notice that he is ready to fight for Tobago. "As PNM political leader and a Tobagonian by birth, I deliberately allowed the Tobago position to emerge without interference having stated that I would join in support at the appropriate time and all Tobagonians know that they can count on me, and the PNM, to protect the best interest of Tobago.

“And so, with this pronouncement to all and sundry, on behalf of the PNM, I, as political leader do hereby now further declare that the battle to rescue and save our country is on. The troops are gathering in Tobago and the moment of decision is at hand.”
Rowley spoke of what is possible if the PNM returns to government. "The task of rebuilding T&T is daunting so widespread has been the demolition and destruction which has taken place in the recent past, some unfortunately inflicted in our time and among our own ranks.”

He added that a PNM Government “will work harder at encouraging a better collaborative environment between business and labour so as to minimise distrust and maximise the Government’s role as an investor and a facilitator in establishing economic projects.”

Rowley said Petrotrin and NGC would have to be “reviewed and he would obtain industry advice on this” adding that energy and energy-based industries would require urgent attention. 

And he had a prediction: "The way things are going, we might well find dangerously high levels of debt when we come to office in 2015 or sooner.” 

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