Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letter: Stop trying to dig out government's eyes

Some people in this country are so selfish, unfair and disgusting it's just ridiculous. 

Residents of east Port of Spain are protesting left, right and centre about the money being offered to them but allow me ask them one thing. How much are they earning at this time?

Most of them are unemployed and are currently earning nothing, so why can't they be like everyone else and be thankful and grateful for whatever assistance they are receiving? I understand the cost of living is high and it's hard to live on $69 a day but come on…don't you think it's just being rude and trying to bully the Partnership Government using the race and PNM area card?

Do you all know how many well-qualified people in this country work for far less than what they deserve but they make do because times are tough and there just aren't that many jobs available?

These citizens I refer to went to school got a good education and yet take jobs with lesser qualifications just to make a living, so why can't they do the same?

Sixty-nine dollars is better than zero dollars. It's just outright boldfaced of these residents to carry on in that manner and demand more money.

If they want more money go get a better education and then get paid for that level of knowledge. this is in no way to embarrass or belittle anyone — it's just fair and logical.

Are we all forgetting also the number of hours they will be working? It's four hours! And bear in mind that this is a part-time job. This offer is more than generous as it is already $5 over the minimum wage.

Stop playing games and making this entire matter about the money because it has nothing to do with that. It's just politics playing here, with east Port of Spain trying to as we say in Trinidad "dig out this government eye''.

Minister Suruj Rambachan hold your grounds and stand up against bullying. Our beloved PM and her Government will not be victims of bullying by east Port of Spain!

Time to bring this situation to an end. Not every time a PNM seat can pull that card saying, "because we eh vote for them they treating we so or them eh care 'bout we'' and the Government have to ask how high to jump.

If the Government didn't care they would not have created the programme in the first place. Be grateful and say thank you because they are trying to help. When the country can afford it, I am sure we all will get our rightful share of the pie.

The Government will not be bullied!

Tessa Gold | 
Port of Spain

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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