Thursday, October 25, 2012

Warner says T&T society bent on destruction

Jack Warner:  "Everybody wants to destroy, slash and burn...we are a sick country"
Minister of National Security Jack Warner said Wednesday the protest by some residents of East Port of Spain is a reflection of a society that is bent on destruction.

Warner was speaking at the launch of the National Security Officers Foundation, which was formed to honour and remember national security officers who have died in the line of duty.

The Foundation will also provide scholarships and other forms of assistance to dependents of fallen officers as well as continuing to pay tribute to officers who continue to serve with distinction.

The minister's comment was in response to protests against the wage for persons employed in the "People and Projects for Progress Programme" that is aimed at lifting people out of poverty by providing work.

Warner is offering labourers $69 for a half day's work, which amount to more than the minimum wage. However, people have been saying that's enough. Instead they went on a rampage Monday, burning debris on the streets and making demands for a better deal.

The minister was highly critical of the action. "Everybody wants to destroy slash and burn yes, because that gets them in the limelight, that makes the front page, they on TV. We are a sick country, sick to the core and we have to correct that," he said, adding that the society is resistant to change.

"Some critic will come and tell you of course it's no good and why it's bad and you shouldn't have Jack Warner here and why you have the Permanent Secretary in a blue dress and not a red dress and so on. 

"And why you have four persons singing this lovely song here, why have four women and you didn't have a man. They give you all kinds of reasons because this country is bent on destruction. Nothing that is constructive," Warner said.

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