Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Letter: Rowley's bullying wrong and must stop

Dear Editor,
The Office of the President is supposed to be held above the political fray and should not be dragged down into the arena.

The reason for this is to avoid exactly what we are seeing today, the politicizing of decisions and actions of the President.

I am very concerned that the integrity and independence of the Office of the President has been compromised, more so after listening to PNM Leader Dr Keith Rowley on Thursday night.

The occupant of the President's seat is not obligated to agree or disagree with anyone, and ought never to be, and the Leader of the Opposition needs to respect this because he also values his right and freedom to think and act according to his own reasoning.

The direct attack on the Acting President's personal and professional conduct was unwarranted and unprovoked. It was out of line.

It is unacceptable to go the route of bashing anyone who does not agree with your point of view.

That is what bullying is, as much as I hate drawing the reference. That is psychological blackmail and manipulation.

Dr Rowley's attack on institutions is wrong - even in pursuit of the "justice" he is seeking.

These attacks impinge on the freedom of the institutions to do their work without undue pressure.

This kind of behaviour backs officers and institutions into a corner and tie their hands because in whatever they do they have an axe hanging over their heads where if they disagree with someone's point of view they may be subject to personal attacks.

Our institutions and office holders need to be strong enough not to bow to pressure from any direction.
Carmelita Mohammed | Diego Martin

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