Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter: $69 better than $0

People of Laventille, after viewing the recent protest that took place over the proposed $69 a day as a salary for jobs, I felt sorry for all of you in the sense that you would have been doing work that can clearly be classified as URP or CEPEP work and naturally $69 a day is small money.

But I must ask, how much exactly should you guys work for? Is there a figure in mind?

For years and years, the situations in this part of our country have been like a cross on our backs. If it is not crime, then it is lack of employment. When will it all end?

So could anyone tell me if you guys have any skills? I am curious; the past government would have introduced many programmes for our nation's citizens to access like CCC, YTEPP and others so that those who may not be academically inclined could easily learn different skills and trades.

Why do you guys constantly need handouts?

Yes, there is no doubt that a good sustainable job is hard to get but sacrifices must be made for the greater good. I know people who have many mouths to feed and are doing as many courses or programmes as they can to learn different trades so they can make a dollar. 

I know there are persons who will work anywhere they can, whether as a cleaner or in a restaurant, small stores, fast food place etc, to earn an honest living, so what the hell is going on in Laventille?

Folks, do whatever you can to make an honest living, please. If you don't have much skills then how on earth you expect to get big money when you have little to offer? What are most of you doing during the day anyway?

There are many good folks living in Laventille and just a few rotten apples who want to spoil the bunch but I want to advise you all to please stop the "gimme gimme" attitude and go find yourself a decent job please. 

Sixty-nine dollars is small money but trust me, it is better than stealing or killing someone for what he or she has. Sixty-nine dollars is better than nothing.

There is no doubt that these jobs being offered are short-term so what will happen in the next few months? Another Colour Me Orange or will it be "Yellow''? A man must not just be fed a fish, he must learn to fish so that he could feed himself for the rest of his life.

Laventillians, rise up please, out of the ashes and go get yourselves employable, learn to creep before you walk, go learn some trade or skills.

Others have made it in the world today and some of them would have been in worse situations than many of you. Make the necessary sacrifices as thousands of poor folks like yourselves made so that they can get a career that is sustainable for life. Pray and activate the faith, don't sit and do nothing, get up, stop complaining and go learn a trade or something.

To the younger ones who are going to school, please try your best to get a proper education, don't go to school to turn out a fool.

M Thomas |
Port of Spain

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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