Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter: Things too nice in T&T

Trinidad and Tobago has to be some kind of parallel universe or fantasy world. Because in the real world I know that one must have the necessary education or skill levels to be in a position to negotiate one's salary.

What qualifications or skills do the residents of east Port of Spain possess that give them the impression they could demand a specific salary from the Government? No citizen, however qualified, could march on the US Treasury and demand a job and in addition demand whatever salary they want, so why are we entertaining this grand scale level of social blackmail?

I know what the problem is in Trinidad, it's the weather. We have too much nice sunny weather. 

If T&T used to freeze up once a year like New York or Chicago I'm pretty certain all these protesters would have made sure and secure a job no matter how menial because they would have had to ensure they had money to pay Powergen for their heating bill.

If we cannot change the dependency mindset of the people of east Port of Spain I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with all this global climate change, we start to get some winter in T&T, I assure you the problems of east Port of Spain will be solved once and for all.

Oke Zachary | Woodbrook

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Jai & Sero

Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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