Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter: A culture gone mad

Imagine free money as one of the residents of east Port of Spain referred to the $69 for four hours work offered under the People and Projects for Progress Programme and yet they protesting for more.

You would think it was some kind of union demonstration (which in some cases has descended into that kind of morass) for better wages and they have even called on Jack Warner to go back to the table — what a joke.

For over 40 years they have been used as political pawns and given a few handouts at feeding time or as it suited those in authority — political bribery. 

How in heaven's name, according to MP for the area who I consider a fairly intelligent man at times, could you give people sustainable jobs just like that (maybe under a PNM government) without first assessing their skills, etc — you have to start somewhere. 

But it is quite obvious that this is not about sustainable jobs but more about handouts for laziness that has been encouraged for too many years — this is not social welfare which according to some scholars is a form of social organisation that can achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of our citizens but it is a culture gone mad.

It is time we get serious; it is time the police take a firm stand on this kind of disruptive protestation throughout the country and adopt a zero tolerance approach to minor infractions; it is time the Children's Bill be proclaimed to make parents legally responsible for their children's misdeeds; it is time we implement a viable substitute for corporal punishment for juvenile delinquency and absence from school — how about mandatory national service; it is time we charge some white collar criminals — the FIU has already identified several instances of questionable sources of funds; it is time to stop the freeness — no more free money.

Ricardo Lijertwood

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