Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter: My homeland's future is in the best hands


To me, that one word about sums up my feelings of the Honourable Prime Minister's obviously very carefully planned actions made public last night concerning the entire section 34 matter. I am impressed with her. Very impressed. 

She convinced me completely that she has all the right qualifications to lead Trinidad and Tobago at this time. She was calm, unruffled, focused, patient, firm, precise, open, contrite, resolute, professorial, caring, painstaking, maternal and refreshing all at the same time. 

She laid out the facts as they happened, without holding back. Madam Prime Minister, for the first time in my forty-six years of life, I can nod my head in agreement that my homeland's well being and future are in the best of hands.

As to Mr Volney, words cannot express how disappointed I am over his duplicity. I can only pray he learns a positive lesson from this and remold himself so he could be redeemed as time rolls on. 

I won't say more on him, for he will have enough punishment through the very uncomfortable and downright difficult time facing his own family, neighbours and employees at his MP office would bring him for quite a while. He brought it on himself. He has to carry his own cross.

But I seem to be straying since what really prompted me to write this letter is what I just read in the Guardian about what's going on back at the ranch. 

Without much fanfare today's Guardian put out a story highlighting how Justice Andre des Vignes has ordered Calder Hart to be brought back to Trinidad to answer corruption charges brought against him by the Attorney General, Mr Ramlogan. 

This is fantastic news to all of us who love Trinidad and Tobago and I'm positive if the Honourable Prime Minister didn't give her speech last evening, the Calder Hart story would have been on the front pages of every newspaper.

The government and the Attorney General especially are to be congratulated for not losing sight of the work that has to be done to deal with corruption. I single out the Attorney General for pursuing Calder Hart and our 65 million dollars by taking action in the civil courts, since it seems no one wants to go after him in the criminal courts. 

And those who suddenly like to march, suddenly seem unwilling or unable to put the Calder Hart issue on their front burner like they used to just a few years ago. I'm not calling any names, I don't want anybody to oppose me.

This is one case I would be following closely, if only to see who would come to Calder Hart's defence if he fails to return and defend himself. Judging from the Attorney General's track record, Hart and all his fans would have a tough time.

Lyndon Gibbs-Guillard | Irving Street, San Fernando.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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