Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter: Check Martin Daly's connections

Martin Daly
Martin Daly is my distant cousin. Tonight he did something which increased the distance between us. 

Didn't any of you notice his performance on CNC3 right after my Prime Minister gave a very dignified, frank and warmly received address concerning Mr Volney's betrayal? He really has some gall! 

Just imagine, this doublly distant cousin of mine coming on TV with the look of a cat that just ate the pet canary and scoffing how my Prime Minister flopped in her attempt to outline the trail of events leading to the revoked law being proclaimed. I listened good to what he was saying.

He actually started off by saying my Prime Minister was too verbose and she had been forced to come clean only because the big march the PNM had on Tuesday numbered more than 34.

Good Lord, distant, distant cousin! Why are you so full of it? You haven't changed one bit!

CNC3 should've run a background check on you. 

If they had, they would've realized you are so firmly embedded with the PNM, the only thing to expect from you about my Prime Minister or anyone from the Partnership would be complete disdain. 

Everyone knows you are Andre Monteil's lawyer! Everyone knows Dr Rowley's wife is an attorney working by you! Plus, everyone knows you were the lawyer who launched a most derogatory attack on Mervyn Assam, calling him bisexual. On the last point, up to now I still can't figure out how come you weren't disbarred for that.

I must close off by congratulating my Prime Minister again. 

Ma'am! You are da one sweeping conversation with the nation you've silenced all genuine opposition and seized back the higher ground from all who wanted to pull you down.

Love you Ma'am!

God is good!

Nathalia la Foucade | Federation Park, Port of Spain.

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Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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