Friday, March 18, 2016

Marlene gone but what about Permanent Secretaries? - by Special Correspondent

The firing of Marlene Mc Donald from the Rowley Cabinet is the shortest time within which any PNM Cabinet has been reshuffled. 

Former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was heavily criticised by Rowley for having a reshuffle after one year in office in 2011. Now Rowley has beaten the Persad-Bissessar record by a clear six months with the compliments of Kirk Waithe and Fixin' TNT.
Kirk Waithe

They went after Mc Donald once she ws appointed Minister of Housing and Rowley was on the defensive as the pressure from Waithe kept mounting. Rowley kept defending her in public and even boldly stated in Tobago in mid-January that he was not going to fire her from the Cabinet.

So what happened? 

Why did he have to reverse himself two months later. The bottom line is that Kirk Waithe and his cronies were part of a team that wanted Marlene Mc Donald out of the way. 


What caused his cozy relationship as the so-called independent voice against the People's Partnership during their term of office to turn against his beloved PNM?

The local media never let go of the story once the government had changed.
This is the second high-profile removal of a PNM public official within a month. First it was former Mayor Raymond Tim Kee and now it is former Housing Minister Marlene Mc Donald.

The investigation of Mc Donald must not just end with Mc Donald, but must also extend to the two signatories of the cheques made out to the Calabar Foundation for $200,000.00 and $375,000.00 respectively.

How could those Permanent Secretaries, as the accounting officers, in that Ministry have approved the disbursement of $575,000.00 of taxpayers money to this Foundation if this has led to McDonald's downfall?

Will Kirk Waithe and his pressure group keep on pressing this issue to include the two signatories to the cheques, one of whom is the spouse of a current Government Minister? 

Maxie Cuffie with his wife Hermia Tyson-Cuffie
Or has Waithe accomplished his mission and he is prepared to stop now and let the Minister's wife off the hook?

by Special Correspondent

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