Monday, March 21, 2016

Commentary: An Epitaph Written too soon

The brutality of the murder of 14-year-old Darian Nedd has caused deep concern among citizens. JYOTI received a commentary on the tragic story from a Canadian named TED BAXTER, which is reproduced below.

Please read the RADHICA SOOKRAJ story in the Trinidad Guardian to put the issue in its proper context.



Commentary by Ted Baxter:
Parenthood has fine-tuned my senses in super-hero ways, particularly when it comes to the welfare of children.

Having kids does that you, or at least it should in most normal of individuals. 

So when I read stories about young lives cut short because of medical malpractice, lack of competent treatment, medical equipment or pharmaceuticals, or incompetence like letting young children around "domesticated" beasts it grieves me.

The suffering of children and youth is an acute pain that most of us feel. So when I read a story about a 14 year old boy whose life, despite apparent pleas to authority for protection, is attenuated because of the failure of others, and the evil malice of others I grieve even more.

I think what was I doing when I was fourteen?

I live in Canada and when I was that age I was in the ninth grade (form four) imagining all the things I wanted to become.

Practicing in the mirror to be a reporter on television, listening to Purple Rain and I think I made my first trip to Miami, drove down to the Keys with my parents. It was a wonderful time and I felt secure.

My parents protected me, my neighbours watched for me, as did my teachers and the police who were sworn to "serve and protect". I felt safe.

I wonder what young Darian Nedd was thinking, what he felt, how he suffered when butchers stormed his house cutting off his hand and foot and set fire to his body after he was accused of being an informant?

What more could his mother, who allegedly begged police for protection, do to protect her child.

I don't know her. But I would like to believe that she slaved away shilling and shelling oysters in Otaheite to provide a better life for a child she loved. That's what parents do.

What did this young man do that warranted his dastardly, painful demise?

Every time a child's life or a youth's life is lost the nation loses something. The hope and potential of that child never materializes and is lost to earth or lost to skies.

So while the nation focuses on the bacchanal and misbehaviour of public officials, as they rightly should, a little more focus and attention should be paid to the protection of life, particularly those who are innocent, those who are vulnerable, those who need
to be protected.

Protected even more safely than our oil, our foreign exchange - children and youth are the assets, the treasures of the nation.

Darian Nedd was his mother's treasure. Her most precious possession and he was taken away viciously, without conscience or concern.

For her I grieve, for him I grieve - as should we all.

TED BAXTER | Toronto, Canada

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