Saturday, March 15, 2014

UNC calls on PNM to stop the bullying

The United National Congress (UNC) said on Saturday it is "deeply disturbed at accusations of bullying, intimidation and threatening, surfacing the the internal election of the People’s National Movement (PNM)".

In a media release the party also stated that it is hearing of an erosion of democracy in the party and urged the PNM to end this.

"Our party does not wish to engage in the affairs of any other political movement but as a responsible party we believe we owe it the electorate to raise these issues since the PNM is in the process of choosing a leader to take the party into the 2015 general election," the UNC said.

"During the PNM campaign so far we have seen accusations and counter accusations with no real focus on issues. One candidate is accusing the other of being disloyal to the PNM for suggesting that the party can change its position on important national issues. We are also hearing of poor performance and incompetence," the UNC noted.

It added, "The UNC has always held the position that the PNM is not fit to lead because its leadership has failed to present new ideas for national development and has instead engaged in obstructionism. Its focus in opposition has been to do all it can to block progress and national development.

"The PNM and Opposition Leader Keith Rowley is content to maintain a cult mentality in his party by silencing anyone who doesn’t share his opinions and his party’s failed policies, even if it means bullying, intimidation and threats. What is worse he is using prominent members of the party to engage in this unsavory political mudslinging.

"We urge the PNM to conduct its affairs responsibly, with dignity and with respect for all concerned, now that it has shifted its election to the public. When the party operated on a delegate system it could hide all the dirty linen inside its convention but today when every member has a vote, there is a no longer any pretence; party members are no doubt confused and bewildered by the lack of substance in the PNM campaign.

"So far no one is presenting ideas to advance democracy, freedom and equality. And no one is saying how the PNM can take the country forward. That doesn’t surprise us since we know that the PNM has always been an albatross around the necks not only of its members but the people of Trinidad and Tobago and is incapable of governing. The party is demonstrating once again that it is not fit to govern.

"We remain committed to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and are confident that now that the PNM is engaged it its own political fistfight that the people would understand that while the PNM talks, we continue to develop the country and deliver services to improve the lives of every man, woman and child in every community across Trinidad and Tobago."

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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