Monday, March 24, 2014

Penny's brother charged; she hopes for speedy investigation

Police have charged the brother of Pennelope Beckles-Robinson and three other relatives with illegal possession of arms. They will appear in court in Arima Monday.

On Saturday, police raided two houses in the Malabar area and seized an AK-47 assault rifle, a pump action shotgun, a .44 revolver and a .357 revolver, and 72 rounds of assorted ammunition at a house on Swift Avenue, Phase III, Malabar.

They found 37 rounds of ammunition at another house and arrested seven people. The police said they moved in on the suspects after months of surveillance.

Beckles-Robinson is challenging Keith Rowley for the leadership of the People's National Movement in the party's May 18 internal election.

She has acknowledged that police arrested her eldest brother, his wife, nephew and sister-in-law’s brother on Saturday.

She said she is "very disturbed" by it. "We cannot make too many comments and the investigation is taking place, but we have faith in our judicial system and court system and as a sister and an aunt you all will understand the challenges we all face,” she she told local media. She said she hopes for a speedy investigation.

Beckles-Robinson said, "When I decided to run for this office, somehow you don’t understand how people can be affected when they decide to be part of your team because everybody comes under scrutiny.”

She also alleged that there have been threats to people working on her campaign. "Some of the things I am hearing, I mean it’s desperation and fear causes people to do anything, but nobody is going to intimidate me because we must all fight for what we believe in. Don’t matter what they say or do or threaten or intimidate, nobody owns the PNM. It is the membership who owns the PNM.

“You must be clear in this life because you don’t want to worry about who have the edge because time waits on nobody.”

She said nothing is wrong with challenging the leader, noting that Rowley did it 18 years ago.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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