Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A message from PM Kamla on World Cancer Day

As World Cancer Day is observed around the world, focus is placed on the theme for 2014, Debunk the Myths. Millions of people who have been diagnosed with cancer are faced with the challenges of living with this disease.

The government of Trinidad and Tobago, primarily the Ministry of Health understands the importance of prevention and cure of these diseases and as such, has undertaken numerous projects to raise awareness on methods of treatment. 

The National Oncology Programme (NOP) is one of the Government’s initiatives that focuses on treatment, education, awareness, prevention, screening and early diagnosis, and supportive care. These services are free of charge to all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

There are various misconceptions of the cancer disease, and this year we are focusing on debunking the myths as we seek to dismiss these misconceptions.

  • We don’t need to talk about cancer
  • Cancer…there are no signs or symptoms
  • There is nothing I can do about cancer
  • I don’t have the right to cancer care
There are many other organizations in Trinidad and Tobago that target those who have been diagnosed with cancer and provide support to these individuals. One such organization is the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) whose mission is to create and promote greater awareness of the need for early detection and preventative measures to reduce the incidence of cancer through education, service and advocacy.

Early detection can save lives and I therefore encourage you to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of cancer.

For more information visit:
The official website of the Ministry of Health http://www.health.gov.tt/sitepages/default.aspx?id=135
The official website of the TTCS   http://www.ttcancersociety.org/Aboutus

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