Saturday, January 25, 2014

No diplomatic note, extradition requests on cocaine bust

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran on Friday told reporters that his ministry has not received any diplomatic note from the United States Department of Justice, regarding the $644 million cocaine bust in Norfolk, Virgina.

Two daily newspapers reported the day before that such a note was sent to the government seeking provisional warrants or three suspects in the investigation.

However, the minister was emphatic about not getting any note. "We have received no diplomatic note on this matter," he told enquiring reporters.

National Security Minister Gary Griffith also denied receiving any request from the United States government to extradite anyone.

“We have received no such information from the US authorities on any such extradition matter and neither any official who is involved in any intelligence agency at this time has any knowledge about that,” Griffith told the Express newspaper on Friday. 
He added that if provisional warrants were issued, he would know about it.

“I think I would be part of that circle being involved. As of this time, we have no such knowledge. I think it might also involve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and maybe the Central Authority that will then fall under the purview of the Attorney Gene­ral, but as of this time the Ministry of National Security still has no knowledge of any such request and I am sure the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the dark,” he said.

The public affairs officer at the US Embassy in Port of Spain did not comment on the matter. 
Alexander McLaren said, “I cannot comment on the investigation and I have been getting a lot of calls about this."

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