Thursday, January 30, 2014

Constitution report available for public comment

Acting Prime Minister Prakash Ramadhar on Wednesday formally handed over the Report of the Constitution Reform Commission and said 60,000 copies of the report would be available to the public as inserts in the daily newspapers.

Ramadhar, who chaired the commission, said there will be another round of consultations lasting one week in February. It would be held in north, south and central Trinidad, as well as in Tobago.

“We expect that it will be brought this year,” he told reporters. “We must. The manifesto promise is for this term, not a second term.”

Ramadhar presented copies of the document to several groups invited to the event including:
  • the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities
  • the Catholic Commission for Social Justice
  • Partners for First People’s Development
  • Cascade School for the Deaf
  • Consortium of Disability Organisations
  • Christian Civic Forum
  • Rapport
  • Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behaviour
  • Fernandes Place Sanctuary of Hope
  • Council of Presidents of the Environment Angel Hearts Rehabilitation Centre
In her New Year's message to the country, Prime Minister promised to have a new draft constitution for comment early in the year.

"It has taken time, but I wanted to make sure that the reforms were born out of the desires and ambitions of the people, so that those reforms will last," she said.

"Some of the changes we propose include the right to recall a Member of Parliament, fixed dates for national and local elections and term limits for Prime Ministers. These are bold steps forward in the right direction to strengthen our democracy and hand more power to the people.

"And it is a commitment that my primary interest is in serving you, not holding on to power," she added.

PM Kamla dares to go where no T&T leader has gone before in proposed constitutional changes in T&T

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