Saturday, December 28, 2013

PNM group begins process to challenge Rowley's leadership

Keith Rowley could be facing a challenge to his leadership of the People's National Movement (PNM) and the name of the person who wants his job is likely to be known soon. 

The PNM group 'To Preserve the Balisier' (TPTB) is planning to to begin its public push for a new leader, starting in the 8th of January but it is not saying yet who will be its candidate.

The leadership election in the PNM is scheduled for early 2014 but no firm date has been set.
File: Dr Bose Sharma

The group's leader, Dr Bose Sharma, told local media TPTB will begin its outreach programme in the north east of Trinidad. Its aim would be to inform the membership and the public on the need for reform within the PNM.

Sharma said his motive is the long-term political success of the party and noted that the PNM cannot return to power with its present membership and structure.

“If they don’t change their attitude towards multi-ethnicism and multiculturalism they could find themselves in Opposition for a very long time, despite mistakes, cronyism, nepotism and rank dishonesty by the People’s Partnership," Sharma told the Guardian newspaper.

“There is a 20 per cent floating vote which decides elections. We have to make ourselves more accommodating, to attract them. They will not come on promises of change which turn out to be exchange, as what happened with the People’s Partnership,” he added.

“If the PNM cannot change from within through the usual instruments of the GC (General Council) and Central–X (Central Executive), then we have to bring about change from the outside through education, agitation, discussion and public debate,” he told the paper.

“TPTB will always support PNM’s constitution and leader, but we reserve the right to back whichever person best represents our beliefs in any internal party elections...without victimisation or personal attacks." Sharma said.

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