Friday, December 6, 2013

Mc Donald Bailey, Michael Als dead

Prime Minister extends condolences on the death of Michael Als

On behalf of my government, the people of Trinidad and Tobago and myself, I extend sincere condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of Michael Als, a well-known citizen who impacted his community since the era of the 1970s to present day. 

Michael Als was a political and social activist ever since he was a young man and despite experiencing difficult times during his life, he persevered through his love and commitment to country to achieve the status of trade unionist, mentor, teacher and writer. He was also a husband and devoted father.

Over the years, the work and contribution of Michael Als provided opportunities for the empowerment and development of rural people, especially the people of Toco and surrounding environs. 

Mr. Als is credited as the founder of the Toco Foundation which runs a community radio station and is a recipient of an International NGO award. As a writer, Michael Als has published short stories, novels and poems. 

Academic and activist, Michael Als pursued initiatives in conservation, environmental stewardship and heritage appreciation. He was particularly interested in guiding youth to personal development and responsibility. 

It is hoped that his legacy will be honoured by the many young citizens who have been positively influenced by his guidance and example. 

May his soul rest in peace.

Prime Minister extends condolences on the death of McDonald Bailey
Today, I learned with sadness that former sprinter and writer, Emmanuel Mc Donald Bailey has passed away. 

Mr. Bailey, a distinguished senior citizen was born in 1920 and died at the age of 93, peacefully, with his family at his side. I would like to extend my sincere condolences to his family and friends, on behalf of my Government and all citizens.

Mc Donald Bailey was thrust into the international limelight when he won the Olympics Bronze medal in the men’s 100 metres event in Helsinki, Finland in 1952. Earlier in 1946, he created history when he won both the 100 and 220 yards races at the British Amateur Athletics Association’s championships. 

To date, he is the only Trinidad and Tobago citizen to be recorded in the Guiness Book of Records for holding the most athletic titles. He was awarded the Chaconia Gold Medal for his contribution to sport in 1977.

As citizens, we should celebrate his life which was full of achievement and excellence. His legacy will last forever as he has touched many people who will benefit from his strong guidance and his shining example. He will be remembered as a devoted and loving husband, father and grandfather, a respected citizen, a passionate story-teller, athlete and administrator.

His memory may be well served by emulating his good works and implementing his sound and wise advice. 

May he reap his eternal rewards and enjoy everlasting peace.

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