Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chaguanas to elect mayor Wednesday but 4-4-4 tie could be a problem

There is a lot of attention focused on Chaguanas Wednesday as the borough corporation gets ready to elect its mayor and deputy mayor.

There are eight councillors and four aldermen, four from each of the three parties represented in the borough. A majority is needed in order to complete the election of the presiding officers, which suggests that there must be some compromise.

Outgoing Chaguanas Mayor Orlando Nagessar told local media Tuesday the election Wednesday will test whether advice from the Ministry of Local Government will work.

The first hurdle in the election of a presiding office to conduct the election. That requires a consensus vote so if each party puts a name forward there will be a deadlock. The officer must be a person who is not being considered as a candidate for any iof the two posts.

IF the borough crosses that hurdle the officials can try to conduct the election, with the presiding office having one vote for his/her party and another to break a tie if necessary.

None of the parties has agreed to work together break the deadlock of a 4-4-4 tie. However there are reports of private deal making involving the counillors and aldermen themselves.

Nagessar told reporters he cannot comment on rumours. "All I know is there is a three-way tie and for that tie to break, someone from inside one party has to cross and vote with another of the two parties or we will remain deadlocked," he told the media. The three parties have said they are not interested in drawing lots to elect the two officials.

ILP leader Jack Warner has said his party should get the two posts because the ILP won the most votes in the local government election. However, a petititon signed by 600 ILP members has rejected the ILP's choices for aldermen.

The UNC wants former deputy mayor Gopaul Boodhan to get the top post. The PNM's choice is Ronald Heera and the ILP's in Indra Maraj-Jaggessar.

Nagessar has served in the borough for 15 years and was mayor fopr two terms. He will remain mayor until a successor is elected. He did not seek re-election on October 21 in the district of Felicity, which the UNC won.

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