Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hadeed says Imbert's attack on Canadian HC "unwarranted, unjustified and inaccurate"

Communications Minister Gerald Hadeed believes that Colm Imbert has "created a diplomatic mess with far-reaching negative repercussions for our country" when he attacked Canadian High Commissioner Gerard Latulippe in Parliament last Friday.

The minister issued a media release on the issue in which he described Imbert's commentys as "unwarranted, unjustified and inaccurate".

The diplomat has also complained about the matter. Read the story:

Canadian diplomat offended by Imbert's personal attacks

Hadeed said. "I agree with the High Commissioner that freedom of expression even under parliamentary immunity bears responsibility and respect for human rights." 

He added, "What is worse is that many of our people living in Canada have been calling to say that Imbert’s irresponsibility could cost this country the support of the Canadian government and other governments who, seeing what has happened to the Canadian representative, may feel that the same or worse could happen to them."

Hadeed said "this wanton disregard for the truth" is affecting the negotiations for the Loran-Manatee gas field that straddles the international maritime border with Venezuela. He said Imbert and his colleagues "don’t seem to realise that in trying to discredit us they are doing immeasurable damage to our country, its allies and our international reputation." he said.

Imbert in standing his ground and told the Express newspaper that the government should challenge the constitutional rights of an elected MP to raise matters of national importance in the Parliament.

Imbert said: "What is particularly surprising about his statements is that the government supported me and cancelled the contract with SNC-Lavalin. So quite apart from the fact that the government concurred with my request about all contractual arrangements with SNC...

“It is obvious that (Hadeed) is very inexperienced and has not held any ministerial positions before and has no understanding of the concept of freedom of speech in Parliament.

“If he were not a novice, he would know that many of his colleagues have shared similar sentiments about contracts involving foreign governments in the past in Parliament and have exercised their constitutional rights in Parliament as I did.”

He said he had noted Latulippe’s comments in the paper about leaving politics and, "for the record the gentlemen contested the election as a candidate for the Canadian Alliance Party in Canada in 2000 - 13 years after 1987; he was not successful".

“Rather than (Hadeed) jumping guns and attacking an elected member of Parliament, he would be far better off investigating why all three opposition parties (in Canada) objected to the appointment of this gentleman to be president of the Rights and Democracy agency in Canada in 2010,” Imbert told the paper.

Imbert acknowledged that Latulippe invited him to a meeting last Thursday that would have included the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and a vice president of SNC-Lavalin.

“The invitation came 8 a.m. last Thursday and it was public knowledge that my motion was to be debated the next day (Friday) in Parliament. I found it very strange that knowing this, this gentleman wanted me to meet with him and the contractor,” Imbert said.

The government of Trinidad and Tobago decided on Thursday not to do business with SNC-Lavalin. It was not a reaction to Imbert but rather based on a careful analysis of all the circumstances. It has asked the Canadians toi nominate another contractor to build the Penal hospital.  

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