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Guest commentary: Ian Alleyne's 'picong' abused mothers

Ian Alleyne - PP canidate for St Joseph
I am writing to express my disgust and frustration with what I heard on a People’s Partnership platform from Mr. Ian Alleyne this week.

I refuse to repeat what Mr. Alleyne stated but would paraphrase what I consider to be totally unsuitable for anyone who wants to hold public office or lead.

He came on stage spewing hatred and ridicule referring to a political opponent, Mr. Jack Warner, as being "so ugly that his mother could not bear to see his face" so she had to use a slingshot to feed him. 

Mr. Alleyne might consider this political picong but I do not agree and I am sure our Prime Minister, Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, would agree. 

This was the worst I have ever heard in my lifetime.

What gives Mr. Alleyne the right to use such bad language to describe a person? Is it for his fame as a TV personality? How can the mothers and mothers to be of T&T tolerate this? You might say 'this is T&T politics' but are people like Mr. Alleyne the role models for our children? 

I also consider this as racist and bullying. It is no wonder that children today face this same kind of behaviour in their schools.

Discipline and good manners start from the top and include governments as well as parents at home. Unless we change this type of behaviour life will always be disgusting for the young children who are the generation of tomorrow.

We must stop this, Prime Minister. If we don’t, an unsuspecting generation would follow the example of Mr. Alleyne, and be encouraged to become bullies or worse.

How do we stop it, you might ask? Start from the top. Demand from those who want to be leaders that they carefully choose the words coming out of their mouths. They must think before they talk. Empty vessels make the most noise, and that is what I was hearing from this TV star who now wants to represent the people of St Joseph.

I listen to political meetings not to hear people use obscene, unbecoming language to describe their opponents. I am interested in knowing what they have to offer voters to get their vote. Instead what I am hearing is hate and malice that the younger generation would assimilate. 

When we put these things in the minds of the people and our children, how can we expect a better future when we are allowing people like Mr. Alleyne to set a bad example of what a public figure should be like?

I also know the present government has done a lot of good for the people and the country in the short space of time they have held power. 

I hear people say the People’s Partnership government has not done anything for the people but people who believe that lie should look around and see for themselves.

They have to remember what it was like before and compare then with today.
I urge the people of Trinidad and Tobago to be patient. Rome was not built in one day and the Lord took seven days to create the universe, so Mrs. Persad-Bissessar and her government cannot fix in three years the damage that had been done for decades by the PNM.

When you compare what the PP government has done in three years you would have to agree that no other government has done as much in the same amount of time.

However, Prime Minister, as a woman and a mother you must teach people like Mr. Alleyne that decency and dignity can win more votes than abusive behaviour such as what he displayed on your platform. 

You have risen from humble beginnings to lead our nation and you have pledged to build a better country for our children. Please teach Mr. Ian Alleyne the right things. Ask him to apologise to our mothers and women. They don’t deserve such abuse.

You have shown great leadership in three years, for which our nation should be grateful. If there is one weakness I find in you, it is really a virtue. You have shown that as a mother, you can embrace everyone and show compassion, love and understanding.

But in the tough world of politics sometimes you have to put aside that motherly kindness and deal with those around you decisively, like “Iron Woman” Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi. 

Some of those around you, by their actions, are hurting you and your government and sometimes I wonder if they are intentionally doing it because you are a woman.

Sero Parasram | 19 October 2013

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