Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lyndira joins ILP, offered post of deputy leader

Jack welcomes Lyndira - Express photo
Lyndira Oudit told local media Wednesday she has joined the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) led by Jack Warner. She said Warner has offered her a post of interim deputy leader.

The ILP is just one month old and all its officers are holding their positions on an interim basis until the party completes its organisation and elects its executive.

Warner is the interim leader and his attorney, Anna Deonarine, is also a deputy leader. Former UNC Senator Robin Montano, who is also an attorney, is interim chairman of the party.

Oudit announced on Wednesday that she had resigned her post as Senate Vice President and as a member of the UNC. 

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Oudit ran unsuccessfully in 2012 for the post of deputy chairman. She previouly held a post of deputy leader in the party.

In her new role, Oudit will campaign for the ILP in the local government election and will make her first platform appearance on Saturday when the ILP launches its campaign for the election.

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