Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jack urges PM not to postpone LGE; calls on Dookeran for help

Jack Warner on Saturday launched his Independent Liberal Party's (ILP) campaign for the Local Government Election (LGE) in Tunapuna and focused much of his attention on what he said was neglect by the regional corporation that is supposed to serve the area.

The chair of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation is Khadijah Ameen, acting chair of the United National Congress (UNC) who was also the UNC candidate in the July 29 byelection in Chaguanas West that Warner won.

He told supporters, "...what faces us are dilapidated streets with far too many potholes, drains filled with grass and muddy, stagnant water, recreation grounds overgrown with flora and filled with debris where no one can play and this is just touching the surface as it relates to the quantum of negligence to which you the people in Tunapuna/Piarco have been subjected."

The Chaguanas West MP and interim leader of the ILP also urged Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar not to postpone the LGE. He said such a move would would be contrary to democratic traditions and denial of the rights of the people.
And he had a warning, saying that if the government postpones the election he would mount what he called "the biggest demonstration this country has ever seen in defence of our democracy". He added that he and his supporters would camp at the Office of the Prime Minister as well as various ministerial offices.
Warner made allegations about a cabinet minister involving land valuation for the highway to Point Fortin. He alleged that the valuation was altered from an original amount of $7.1 million to $10.9 and then further adjusted to $15.3 million. He also claimed that documents were backdated.

Warner also called on his former cabinet colleague, Winston Dookeran, for assistance.

He declared, "Winston, when you signed the Fyzabad accord, on April 21, 2010 this was not what you had signed on for. When I had stood next to you Winston, I saw in you morality in public affairs. You had represented the moral compass in the People's Partnership...I call on you today, publicly, to help me to revert this country to the clean government that was our dream in 2010. Will you help me, Winston? Will you?"

Warner also outlined timelines for delivery if his party wins the LGE, starting with a cleanup drive in the first three months.

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