Saturday, August 10, 2013

Feature: WINtv now available on cable in Canada

A letter from Farouk A. Muhammad:


This week my Partners and I launched WIN HD Caribbean TV on the Rogers Cable System, Canada’s largest cable program supplier on Channel 672. 

The Service has been on Bell Fibe Channel 659 for the past two months. If you are on Rogers or Bell Fibe the service is free for the next three months, after which one will have to subscribe to access the channel. Our radio service, Caribbean Radio is also available on Rogers-673 and Bell Fibe 660.

WIN HD is in partnership with WIN Trinidad and we are broadcasting live the news and currents affairs programming from Trinidad at the same time and date.

The program schedule is very diversified and reflects all segments of the the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

We are developing programming which will be reflective of all the countries in the Caribbean and very shortly we will include in the schedule from Grant Communications in Grenada a series on the Leeward Islands. We are in discussions with independent producers in Barbados, Jamaica and Guiana.

We are also developing programming modules which will be produced in our Toronto studio to include the Caribbean Communities here. As we gain access to Vancouver and Calgary, we will also be doing the same from those cities.

I am sharing this with you as a friend, this is an historic event in that this is the first Caribbean TV station to be carried in Canada on the same platform as CNN, the BBC, Deutsche Welle and other world services. 

Our future plan is to take the Canadian schedule of WIN HD Caribbean to the USA, UK and Africa as well as into the Caribbean. Discussions are already taking place with a number of carriers.

If you are not in our distribution area, please forward this to those on your email list in Canada. Note that very shortly we will be on Cogeco Cable and Source Cable as well as the systems served by the Canadian Cable Systems Association. Watch for the release dates on Telus and Shaw Cable.

Thanks for your interest and support any comment will be appreciated.

Personal Regards,

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