Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scores of people in Felicity meet Moonilal to get help

Roodal Moonilal spent the day in Felicity Wednesday meeting residents and helping many of them with applications for housing grants and land in the Land for the Landless program.

The Housing Minister was there to support Khadijah Ameen, the candidate for the United National Congress (UNC) in the July 29 Chaguanas West byelection.

Local media reports stated that scores of people lined up to meet Moonilal.

The UNC Deputy Leader told the Express newspaper, "What I discovered was when I came here and people knew I was here, they wanted to see me for their own problems. 

"I told them on Wednesday morning I don’t mind seeing about 25 people, but from that it reached 150 people. The problems include housing, grants, WASA, T&T Foodcard and land issues." 

Several representatives of state agencies were available to offer help and advice and to answer questions about services.

He explained that some of the problems included electricity connections that involved agencies other that T&TEC.  

Moonilal also revisited an issue he raised on a political platform on Monday night with respect to housing.

He said the UNC's principal opponent in the election, former MP Jack Warner, did not help people who needed houses, noting that in three years he only gave three houses to people in Felicity and 21 in the entire constituency.

Moonilal said Warner had requested 342 houses but distributed them to people all across the country instead of those who needed it in his own constituency.

"Mr Warner only sought HDC housing for 21 persons. We are happy when people get a home...about 21 persons were given homes from Chaguanas West. In this area of Felicity three persons got houses,” he said.

Moonilal noted that Warner was seeing people from all over the country and "I told him that when you are elected you are to serve the people who elected you." He promised to visit constituencies after the election to meet residents to discuss housing issues.

"I will try to come once a month to see the people. MPs do a referral to me. Many MPs, including PNM, will write letters and I will say to send them to my office in Debe to see them and I will try to help," he said.

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