Thursday, July 18, 2013

Letter: Trying to picture Jack in front

The way events are unfurling with this Chaguanas West bye-election, it's clear Jack Warner's not a man comfortable with playing second fiddle even when he is. 

The revelation he formed his own party even while he was a member of the UNC therefore isn't surprising. 

All the same, some of his moves are startling, even pathetic. For instance, he's threatening to expose one his opponents, Khadijah Ameen, using some photos of her he says he has.

In the second place, one must ask how he got possession of those photos. Jack, after all, up to the time he resigned, in charge of the entire National Security apparatus of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Having been scared out of our wits by the Snowden disclosures of what goes on in the USA and the Simmons' Report, is it that farfetched to conjecture Jack might have connived to fabricate aspersions against the young woman? 

Considering what happened with emailgate, of course the first question would be: Are the photos real?

Moreover, why does Jack Warner believe Miss Ameen's personal life is important for voters to consider and not his? Judging from what's already out there concerning him and his close associates, there's no way anyone in their right mind would hire him, even if it's to give away newspapers in the sunshine! 

If voters are to judge Miss Ameen, it would have to be on her record as an elected official for the past ten years. The bye-election is all about choosing the public official who shall represent Chaguanas West during the unexpired portion of Jack Warner's term, he having resigned it without good reason.

As a woman, a professional and a cleancut citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, I support Miss Khadijah Ameen's candidacy. 

As a woman, a professional and a cleancut citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, I oppose Mr Warner's attempt to make a mockery of the trust voters originally placed in him. When the votes are counted, we shall know how many residents of Chaguanas West match my qualifications.

Dr Hermia Ophelia Tynsdale,
SMR, Otaheite, South Trinidad, West Indies

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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