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Jack's expulsion from UNC automatic: Kamla

Kamla Persad-Bissessar: "I am a UNC patriot; Khadijah is a UNC patriot."
Kamla Persad-Bissessar stated Friday night that Jack Warner automatically expelled himself from the United National Congress (UNC) when he formed a new political party.

Warner announced on Friday that he had formed a party - the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) - and has told the UNC political leader in a letter that he would like to join the People's Partnership (PP) following the July 29 by election in Chaguanas West in which he is running as the ILP candidate.

The PP comprises the UNC, the Congress of the People (COP), the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC). All the parties were represented at the UNC meeting in Charlieville Friday.

In a lengthy speech in which she acknowledged Warner's contribution to the UNC, the government and the country, Persad-Bissessar urged supporters to keep the faith and stick with the UNC, noting that even when she faced her darkest moments she never left her party.

"Throughout the course of my career I’ve had my ups and downs yet I always remained loyal to our party. 

"You will recall on October 7th 2007, when I addressed you at our UNC rally in Mid Centre mall I was reeling from a significant political blow. 
But although things did not work out at that time, I never considered abandoning you. 

"You will recall my words to you when I said: 'I never sought to betray this party.
I never sought to hold the supporters to ransom... And I never left it. I have never walked out because things weren’t going my way. I have worked too long and too hard for both the party and the country and I am not about to give up now'."

She reaffirmed her pledge to the party she leads and said "I will never ever abandon you!"

She said in families there are times when things don't always go as expected but explained that is not a good reason to desert the family.

"I understand how sometimes members of a family get emotionally worked up and in those moments they do things that they had not planned on doing. But as a mother I know how to show understanding and compassion and you saw how we did in the aftermath of our January 2010 internal election," she said. 

She used the 2010 internal election to show that she is no maximum or dictatorial leader, but one who leads with compassion and understanding.
"The healing took time...And it was the compassion, the understanding, and the healing that brought us to where we are," she said.

"My sisters and brothers, nothing is ever perfect.
We cannot go through life as if it were a song. There are ups and downs; there are dark days and sometimes we feel let down...

"But I know and we all know that the darkest night ends with the RISING SUN."

The UNC leader appealed to party members and supporters not to get complacent and urged everyone to put aside everything and vote in July 29 because "this is one of the most important elections in our country".

She said, "Apart from everything else it is an endorsement of youth and women" and stated that commitment is important.

And she called on everyone to wear their yellow with pride "because yellow represents hope and happiness, confidence and optimism." She added, "Yellow signifies the change that swept this country on May 24th 2010. 
It is the colour of the People’s victory over the tyranny of the PNM. 

"It is uplifting and it is colour of the RISING SUN that spreads its glow everywhere providing warmth and protection.
It is the symbol of the energy of all our people."

She also reminded her audience that critics had predicted that she would give away the party and noted that the reverse is true. Instead, she rebuild and united the UNC and worked with other political colleagues to create the PP as an organisation that represents and serves the people.
"I am a UNC patriot!" she declared. "And Khadijah is a UNC patriot!"

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