Thursday, July 4, 2013

A tribute to a loving grandmother

On July 4, 1988 God called my mother home. I am yet to accept that she is gone. The article below is a tribute written by my nephew. 

Perhaps all this means nothing to you ... but perhaps some of you who read this might remember a lady whose love knew no bounds. She gave from her heart and never asked for anything.

In all her life she never asked for anything - except for that one day when she asked me to plant a rose for her; I never did. And she left without saying goodbye. 

So my dream is that some day - hopefully very soon - I would return home and plant a rose to tell ma, "I love you!"
My parents Pandit Parasram and Sursati Parasram
Here is Rajen's tribute:

My grandmother Sursati Parasram or granmammy as I used to call her, passed away 25 years ago on the 4th July, 1988. A mother to all she met, to her children, her grandchildren and all living in our village of Mc Bean. 

Kindness, love, patience, integrity, courage; just some of her qualities. The care that she showed for all, not only her family, was amazing. Always with a gentle smile, quiet and peaceful, once she was around you knew everything would be OK.

She liked to dip crix biscuits into green tea drinking from a big enamel cup. She also liked Julie mangoes and cashew nuts.

My Granmammy was the best cook anywhere. Her specialities were red beans and pigeon peas. But she could cook anything and make you keep coming back for more. She once told me that the secret to good cooking was love, patience and a slow fire.

She was the most intelligent person I have ever met. She was also very good looking.
Whenever someone came to our home, they were always sure to get a hot meal and a place to rest.

She took excellent care of her children and grandchildren.

She was the best counselor you could find. People from all walks of life would always come to her for advice on anything that was affecting them.

Most of all, she was the wife of my grandfather; Pandit Parasram(Baba). My grandfather relied heavily on her support and when she passed away in 1988, it was a tribute to his courage that he could still go on for many years to come.

For me, my granmammy was love, kindness, gentleness and courage all wrapped in one. Wherever her soul is now, I am sure she is still showing these qualities and helping everyone she meets.

I will always love you Granmammy, may GOD's blessings always be with you.

Your Grandson,

Written by Rajendra Dubay,
Copyright Rajendra Dubay, all rights reserved.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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