Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter: PNM 'protocol' record not pretty

Protocol has many meanings. 

All of them are based on practicality because they are all really nothing more than the ground rules through which ventures can be successfully completed. What that means is no protocol is rigid. It have many ways to skin a cat. 

People in T&T have a long history of creating protocol and breaching protocol. I want to point out some please. They are not in the order of when they happened:
  1. Half of Trinidad Tesoro was sold to an American for U$50 thousand although Tesoro was worth U$200 million. That is protocol papa
  2. Months later, the half was bought back for $200 million. That is protocol papa
  3. Gene Miles was publicly embarrassed and driven to an early grave for exposing the gas station racket. That is protocol papa
  4. Ivan Williams was the Chairman of National Housing and used NHA resources to build himself a hotel in Maracas. That is protocol papa
  5. Keith Rowley escaped from the clutches of the Integrity Commission on a technicality. That is protocol papa
  6. One time PNM Councillor Bernadine Sandy got an government house in Arouca then turn around and rent it out because they got another government house in Tobago. That is protocol papa
  7. Former Chairman of Tunapuna Piarco Regional Corporation built a teeny weeny toilet right in the middle of Curepe junction for $1 million without proper approval. That is protocol papa
  8. Nobody could use the toilet because if people use it they would have their bodily movements exposed. That is protocol papa
  9. Patrick Manning catch a vaps and made Hazel a senior Cabinet Minister. That is protocol papa
  10. Patrick caught a vaps another time and brush aside his barber to fly down to power 102 and collar two announcers. That is protocol papa
  11. Calder Hart digs out and remains somewhere out there laughing at we. That is protocol papa
  12. Manning told the Parliament he spying on Kamla and all his opponents. That is protocol papa
  13. Orville London and his THA bought 3 acres of land for $12 million one week and the next week lease it to friends to build a complex to rent back to the THA for $1.2 million a month for 20 years. That is protocol papa
  14. PNM bigwigs quietly got back their money from CL Financial before sticking the bailout tab on the public. That is protocol papa
  15. Speaker Occah Seepaul was put under house arrest to prevent her from presiding over parliament. That is protocol papa
  16. Up to now Rowley never apologize for siding with Manning to rough up Occah Seepaul. That is protocol papa
  17. Under Colm Imbert, Ministry of Works and Transport spent $55 million to buy and fix up an old boat named Su that turned out to be a piece of junk. That is protocol papa
  18. Manning and Rowley raised their salaries hefty hefty three or four times when they were in office. That is protocol papa
  19. While they were raising their salaries, they refused to give government employees even a black cent in increase. That is protocol papa
The new government that came in in 2010 had to deal with all these things so the ship of state wouldn't sink in the face of undermining pressure from supporters of the last government who refuse to let go of the steering wheel or get out the cabin. That is protocol papa.

It have many more things I could mention but because of newspaper editors' protocol I have to keep this letter brief. That is protocol papa.
Princess Orie-Collis (Mrs) | Curepe

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