Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter: Keith Rowley, Doctor of Rhetoric

Dr Keith Rowley
Having carefully listened to and reviewed the recent no confidence debate (if it can be called a debate), I've decided the Leader of The Opposition is deserving of a new accolade, that of Doctor of Rhetoric. 

According to Socrates, a doctor of rhetoric is one who has no desire of knowing or disseminating the truth, his only interest is to trick ignorant people into believing that he knows more than knowledgeable people. 

In other words, a Doctor of Rhetoric is an individual who would only do or say something if he believes it would be to his political advantage. That's Dr Rowley in print.

How is it possible for someone holding such a strategic office to gain possession of a document making most damning allegations against the government and the judiciary and not take it upon himself to check it out before running with it? 

Don't tell me Dr Rowley doesn't have a policeman friend he can trust. Don't tell me he has no faith in the DPP or Chief Justice. Worst of all, don't tell me he has no confidence in his own colleagues, he already came out in public and said he didn't mention a thing to them about it for fear they would "run dey mouth".

By training Dr Rowley's a geologist. He specialized in volcanoes. Ordinarily, persons with those specialities would be very adept at handling a hot potato. 

By practice he is a Rhetoricist. His blusterous behaviour in and out of parliament over these emails therefore don't surprise me one jot. Such displays must be dismissed if this country is to progress.

Dr. Hermia Ophelia Tynsdale | SMR, Otaheite, South Trinidad.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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