Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter: No whitewash can change facts about Rowley-Gordon meeting

Household detergents sell because ads say they kill germs. Yet, under a microscope, all newly-washed cutlery would be seen to teem with deadly bacteria. 

Both Keith Rowley and Ken Gordon have tried to sanitize their moonlight liaison. On careful scrutiny however, the whitewash hasn't dispelled the perception that it was a revolting interaction.

Firstly, no urgency existed; otherwise, Rowley would have been anxiously awaiting a return call from Gordon. Gordon tried several times, over many hours, before getting thru to him. What made Rowley inaccessible during that long interlude? Another secret rendezvous?

Secondly, when they eventually linked, the urgency wasn't described. Given the hour and the fact that he was already home, if everything was kosher, Gordon would've demanded why.

Thirdly, Gordon is no neophyte. He's acutely aware of Rowley's "history" with the Integrity Commission and that he (Gordon) had previously gotten into hot water over his intemperate advertisement with Orville London, Rowley's Deputy. Thus, he would've understood any such meeting needed to be open, urgency or no urgency.

Fourthly, the instant Rowley mentioned no confidence motion and emailgate, a rational Chairman would've realized the subterfuge and would've accordingly ended the meeting, but not before telling Rowley his inquiry was an offensive attempt to tamper with the Commission which would be reported to the Police, DPP, or President immediately.

Fifthly, Gordon should have alerted the Registrar at once as to what had transpired. If he could call Rowley at night, he could call the Registrar too.

Sixthly, Gordon should have also alerted the Prime Minister immediately. The meeting was really about her.

Lastly, Gordon should have alerted the nation the very next day. The Integrity Commission was created to protect us, the people, from shady deals.

Both Gordon and Rowley need to resign.

Omatie Rajpaul-Henderson |
Circular Road, Sta. Margarita.

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