Monday, June 24, 2013

Gordon to be replaced as IC chairman?

Justice Sebastian Ventour
Local media reports say retired High court Judge Sebastian Ventour is one of four new commissioners to take the oath of office Monday to serve on the Integrity Commission. 

The reports say other members are: 
  1. Shelly Anne Lalchan, an ophthalmic surgeon
  2. Petrotrin engineer Deonarine Jaggernauth 
  3. Chartered accountant Sieunarine Jokhoo
Jokhoo was a member of the previous commission.

One media report is speculating that President Carmona would ask Ventour to chair the Commission. 

If that is true it would be a slap in the face for Chairman Ken Gordon who stated publicly on Friday that he did nothing wrong when he held a private meeting at his home on May 15 with Opposition Leader Keith Rowley. 

There have been calls from several quarters for Gordon's resignation but in a formal statement he refused to budge and stated that meeting with Rowley was "the fair and rational thing to do and it was not secret". 

Gordon only revealed that he met Rowley after Government House Leader Roodal Moonilal talked about the secret meeting in Parliament. Although the meeting took place between the two men with no one else present and no one was informed about it Gordon insisted that it was not secret. 

Newsday quoted unnamed sources as stating that Carmona is seeking legal advice on the matter of the commission.

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