Thursday, June 6, 2013

Letter: Be wary of the PNM

Despite its one or two stumbles, the People's Partnership, led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar, remains the best option for the present and future governance of Trinidad and Tobago. 

I make the statement having once heard that democracy is a very bad form or government, but all the others are much worse. Democracy means allowing reasonable citizens to have the determining say in how things must operate for everyone. 

The People's Partnership has refreshingly demonstrated a willingness to empower public institutions and the wider citizenry. On the other hand, the attitude of the People's National Movement remains that not a damn dog must bark when the Prime Minister has spoken, providing the Prime Minister is a PNM.

MP Colm Imbert can be considered a crucial part of the PNM's leadership team. I deliberately said "leadership team", because, although he's the Leader of The Opposition, it's beyond belief Dr Keith Rowley has what it takes, given his hotheadedness. 

So whenever MP Colm Imbert says something I listen. Recently MP Imbert reinforced my conviction that we must never take leave of our senses and put PNM back in power again. 

On May 10th, in Parliament, he voiced strong objection to devolution of power by announcing, "One of the problems we have in Trinidad and Tobago (is) we give people too much flexibility and we give them too much discretion."

Devolution of power essentially means the realignment of authority to make decisions so that responsible frontline officials and agencies can operate independently of rigid central administrative oversight, thereby increase efficiency by taking into account and adjusting to fluctuating local conditions. 

Besides what it plainly states, MP Imbert's declaration indicates a general and deepset distrust for lesser beings than himself. 

The fact that his fellow Opposition MPs applauded his contribution confirms the PNM views the majority of the population with contempt. For the well-being of T&T, they must remain where they are right now.

Ayodele Chieng | Irving Street, in Petit Bourg.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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