Friday, June 14, 2013

Jack welcomes election date; optimistic about getting UNC nomination

File: Jack Warner
Jack Warner said on Thursday he welcomes the announcement that the by-election for Chaguanas West will be held on July 29. He said he had been expecting July 29 as the date in consideration for the views of members of the Islamic community. "So for me 29 July seems appropriate," he said in an interview circulated by his campaign team.

While he is pleased with the date he said he would have preferred an earlier date to ensure that the campaign would not have to be during part of the month of Ramadan, which begins on July 8. 

No party has nominated a candidate yet for the election for the vacant seat. Warner, who created the vacancy when he resigned in April this year, is hoping to get his party's nomination. 

"I am very optimistic but I have learned in life never to expect too much. If I am selected I will be grateful but if I am not I will then have to re-look at my options and choose a path with the consensus of my constituents," he said.

On the question of whether he would run as an independent if the UNC rejects him, Warner said the people of the constituency voted for representation, not party, in the last two elections.

He did not give a direct answer to the question but stated that he believes people would vote for representation. "If the consensus, as I walk about suggests that the people want me to continue representing Chaguanas West, then I will so decide, if otherwise I will also have a decision to make."

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