Saturday, May 18, 2013

WASA corp. director is new chairman of GISL

Doodnath Bhola
The Government Information Services Limited (GISL) has a new board of directors headed by Doodnath Bhola, who has served as Director Corporate Services at the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) since 2012.

Bhola has been with WASA since 1974. Prior to his appointment as Director at WASA, he held the position of General Manager and Deputy General Manager, Corporate Services. His other positions at WASA include Corporate Secretary, Training Manager and Manager Pensions Administration.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and History from the University of the West Indies. He has also completed training in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations and Public Administration.

Members of the Board of Directors are:

  1. Chairman – Mr. Doodnath Bhola
  2. Denise Balgobin
  3. Gail Harris-Persad
  4. Rishi Maharaj
  5. Majid S. Mohammed, 
  6. Chadwick Noel
  7. James O’Connor
  8. Jean-Paul Pouchet
  9. Gail Prince-Persad
  10. Usha Rampersad-Gokool
  11. Neazam L.D. Taylor
  12. Nickson Trotman
  13. Kirt C. Walrond
Five of the directors served on the previous GISL board.

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