Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunshine newspaper debuts on May 24

Trinidad and Tobago's newest weekly newspaper will publish its inaugural on May 24 to coincide with the third anniversary of the People's Partnership victory in the general election of 2010.

The man behind the SUNSHINE paper is former Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner. He has said the plan is to highlight the work of the PP government in the first edition.

"On May 24, the first issue would be a complementary issue. It is the third anniversary of the PP and the timing is not by accident. We would be printing about 30,000 copies," he told local media. 

He explained that the paper is going to be different "with credible stories and not bent on attacking people’s characters. It’s to bring Sunshine into people’s lives.” 

He also spoke of the paper's editorial policy. "I intend to change the media landscape. I’m not going to be a follower but a leader and effect change as it presently exists," he said.

"I have been fortunate to have 125 years of media experience that is unprecedented. Whatever it’s costing, I can afford it. I tried to buy the Blast and I was advised it was outdated. I was blocked from buying the Mirror and therefore I am going on my own,” he added.  

As an employer Warner said he is offering his staff attractive salaries and a $250,000 medical and dental/health plan. 

“The salaries are competitive and it is way above. I don’t believe the media is well paid. If there are profits, they would all share in it. If there are losses, I would absorb it,” he said.

News editor Azad Ali said the SUNSHINE is not trying to compete with the dailies.

“We feel there is the need for another responsible weekly newspaper. This is where readers would be getting an exciting paper and something for everyone. We want to be fair and balanced," he said.

“We are going to “buss mark” but in a professional way. We will have correct information. If the Government has to get licks, they will get wettin. If there is crime, we’ll report it. It’s a newer kind of hope in journalism and in reporting.”

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