Sunday, May 19, 2013

Police chief wants help from public to deal with crime

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen WIlliams told the Guardian newspaper Saturday the police need help from citizens to fight crime. He spoke with the paper at the funeral of Cpl Terrence Abraham at St Michael’s RC Church in Marabella.
The body of slain police officer CPL Terranec Abraham is taken away from the Christ the Lord and St Michael Church in Marabella.
Newsday photo by: Vashti Singh
He credited the public's cooperation for the reduction in serious crime in 2013 but said there's more to be done. “We need even more support from the public as we are still struggling around violent crimes, especially shooting incidents where people are dying.”

Williams told the paper preventive measures are important. And this includes finding illegal guns. “Most of the murders are centred around shooting incidents so it is really about an issue of firearms in the country. By way of a clear strategic approach, our target is to get as much guns off the streets, but also to find the mechanism to limit guns coming in the country,” Williams told the paper.

He also made it clear that police are still actively investigating old murder cases.

“We are not closing any murder investigations, that is why you will see that in a murder from 2012, people are being arrested and charged in 2013 because we are continuing all murders. Some might be what we call ‘cold cases,’ but we are continuing all investigations,” Williams said. He also told the paper he is committed to allowing off-duty officers to take their guns home.

“As the leader of the organisation, I am committed to facilitating the officers in arming them. I have made it clear to all the officers that it is my thrust and my intention, but it has to be done in a responsible manner because the very said public is questioning the issue of corruption and criminality within the police organisation.”

Among those who attended the funeral was Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson, ACP Donald Denoon, Snr Supt Cecil Santana and former national security minister Jack Warner.

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