Thursday, May 23, 2013

Letter: Take Volney's contribution with a grain of salt.

Sometimes you really have to question the credibility,qualifications,intellect and mental state of Mr Volney. 

It has become really difficult to believe anything the man says as in the blink of an eye his story drastically changes. After years of defending his judgement in the Brad Boyce case, he now admits he erred in the ruling (even though the Privy Council so ruled in 2006). 

It is now clear why he would err in his ruling. On Monday after the Opposition Leader contributed with a thread of emails allegedly shared between top ranking Government Officials, Mr Volney left the Chambers and expressed his 'shock' to reporters waiting for comments. 

He even went on to state that he believed it was in fact true. Did Mr Volney even see these emails before? Did he take time to examine them? Did he seek expert advice from a forensic IT consultant? No, he did not. 

Without taking any 'evidence' for examination and authentication , 'Justice' Volney ruled that the emails were true and the Government could not defend themselves. He even admitted to not waiting to listen the Attorney General's response (who contributed immediately after). 

He did not wait to hear any defence, he accepted the emails as sound 'evidence' without examination and rushed to state that he believed the emails to be true because it coincided with the timing of his dismissal. Is this the reasoning and intellect of a former High Court judge? My God! I dread to think of those who stood before him in court with their lives in his hands.

The emails have since then been opened to many errors that would deem them fake and unworkable, impossible to create and function. It is believed by many to be a hoax, carefully thought of and crafted by someone. 

How can Mr Volney believe the timelines of the emails to the actual events to ever be real when some dates and times were clearly out of zone and could be easily crafted to look as though the emails were sent around the same time? This man has to be off his rockers! I ask myself everyday, how and why he is where he is today.

Anyone can tell you and show you, even my twelve year old brother, how to send 'fake' emails appearing to originate from a real person. 

There are so many sites online with step by step instructions as to how to send fake emails or hack accounts. This is general knowledge yet we have a former High Court Judge and Minister completely oblivious and ignorant to such. It is unbelievable.I think this was all said and done so he could sing his tired tune of dismissing the Attorney General.

Andrew Marcano | Long Circular

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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