Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letter: Suruj is no racist

File: Dr Suruj Rambachan
I write in response to a letter which is published in the today's (Wednesday) op-ed pages of both the Trinidad Express and the Trinidad Guardian

The letter unjustifiably seeks to paint Dr The Honourable Surujrattan Rambachan as a bigot. There are no racists in Arouca. Suruj cut his teeth in Arouca. There's no way Suruj could be a racist. Consequently, it would be very remiss of me to allow the letter a free pass.

For those who didn't know, for many years Suruj, whislt a young man, lived in our midst—on St Clair Road, Arouca. During that time, a close bond developed between himself and the entire neighbourhood. It's a bond which remains intact and sacrosanct to this date. From then to date, despite the intermittent, oddball insinuation to the contrary, the man has never given Aroucans the impression that he favours anyone or any group unfairly.

I remember 1980, when he was elected as Deputy Leader of the Organization for National Reconstruction. It occasioned enthusiastic and spontaneous celebration amongst St Clair Road residents and all of Arouca. 

We felt proud because, with Suruj's elevation, Arouca had finally received a signal honour locally from a serious political group. Although our hometown is the undeniable crucible of serious, national and international political effort—thanks to national heroes like Henry Sylvester Williams, George Padmore and Lord Learie Nicholas Constantine—till Suruj was made ONR's Deputy Leader, Arouca was either taken for granted or treated like if she had some form of perpetual pox.

I thank you for having allowed me this space to put on the record the high esteem in which we Aroucans continue to hold Dr Surujrattan Rambachan. He is the current Minister of Local Government and of Works and Infrastructure and Member of Parliament for Tabaquite. 

In expressing our deep chagrin over the spurious allegation made against him by one of your contributors I must also mention that Arouca has been following the reports of the excellent work he has being doing as an elected representative. It's a pity we, Aroucans, do not presently have someone like him as our Member of Parliament. Had we, Arouca would have been a beautiful and harmonic example to the rest of our infant Republic.

Richard Wm. Thomas,
5 Rivers, Arouca,
Trinidad and Tobago.

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