Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Letter: In "Chato's land", the Constitution doesn't matter‏

Someone named "Rudy Chato Paul Sr" attempted to build an argument that farmers who lose their crops due to flooding cannot be indemnified. 

Chato's letter is captioned "Compensation wrong for farmers". 

He let loose that they must never, since their lands are on the plains, hillsides or valleys, therefore naturally subject to heavenly deluges. Chato's meandering discourse is poured out in letter captioned "Compensation for doing wrong". 

When it's absorbed, it's clear Chato's thoughts arise from an unrestrained aquifer which drowns out our Constitution's merits and people with a torrent of ignorance. No disrespect to Bronson, but I'll describe such a place as "Chato's land".

In laying the bed for his treatise, Chato made heavy weather of the fact that, being a senator, Minister Devant Maharaj, is "a nonelected bureaucrat", therefore one who was appointed on no "specific grounds".

By so doing, Chato jeopardised whatever profitable harvest ordinarily reaped by his type of erudition, since a house built on sand or false premises simply cannot withstand buffeting or, in this case, probity. You see, Chato refuses to acknowledge that our Constitution, other laws and traditions overflow with the guidelines of how and why someone becomes a Minister or a Senator.

If the shaky basket of ideas Chato weaved concerning Minister Devant Maharaj holds any water, then the same question Chato raised about the Minister can be turned on the Independent Senators, i.e., "Perhaps someone can remind this society on what specific grounds was the Independent Bench selected?"

As senators, the Independents are all "nonelected", therefore, in Chato's mind, they'd be totally out of place if they frustrate the will of the elected House. 

Seeing that that's what they've been doing lately (with the Police Amendment Bill), to sandbag himself from any accusation of partisanship, Chato needs to give the Independents a good wetting too.

Chato's letter is captioned "Compensation wrong for farmers".

In Chato's land, the Independent Senators would get a 100% salary cut; and no floodgate of tears would open when that happens.

Humphrey Diefenthaller | La Horquette, Diego Martin

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