Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter: Are our opposition legislators for real?

In his epic treatise, National Character And The Factors In Its Formation, noted political scientist, the late Sir Ernest Barker, declares: "In order for law to be valid, it is enough that it should satisfy the canons of declaration, recognition and enforcement by a constituted authority acting on behalf of the community. In order that it may have value, over and above validity, law must also satisfy—as much as it can and as far as its strength avails—the canon of conformity to the demands of moral conscience as expressed in the general notion of justice." 

Seeing that the title "legislator" means "a person who makes laws", valid laws cannot arise from insincere or clueless legislators. The vehemence Opposition legislators have launched—in their quibbling about Commissioner Sir Anthony Colman's decision to rap some key players for not appearing before him—makes it clear not one of these Opposition is a"legislator" for real.

Longsuffering taxpayers have been forced to forgo the benefit of much needed public projects, in order for the CL Financial Group to be "saved". The National Spigot so far has poured out over TT$25 billion, according to published reports. Those who have been made to bear the brunt of the impact of this "rescue act" are the million-plus citizens who never did any business with CL Financial at all. Yet, if the Opposition had its way, these citizens alone must cushion the free-falling CL.

Since their prior approval was never sought by the PNM for a bailout that'd heavily deprive them, these citizens remain highly annoyed over the complete contempt Duprey, Monteil and others have shown to the duly-appointed Commission. 

The Opposition's constant carping, when added to the inexplicable reticence of these jefes, inevitably leads ordinary citizens to conclude that fatcats can always walk away unscathed after wilfully inflicting damage on others and that the strong arm of the law is only for those who have nothing.

Honestly, no effort must be spared in finding out what caused the collapse of CL Financial Group. TT$25 billion of our money has already been dumped down what would be a rathole if the bailout doesn't work and if the former directors cannot be held responsible—drop some dollar notes into a rathole, see if they don't get shredded into foul-smelling, worthless confetti.

I therefore commend the focused and unflinching approach taken by the Attorney General, Mr Ramlogan, in pursuing this issue. He has certainly demonstrated the mettle, determination and ingenuity expected of a diligent guardian of the public's interest. 

I wager Sir Ernest Barker would be happy to know Trinidad and Tobago finally has a constituted authority sincerely acting on behalf of the wider community.

Grantley McNaughton, Retiree,
Coora, Siparia.

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