Friday, May 24, 2013

Jack submits nomination documents to UNC for CWC by-election

Jack Warner during a campaign walkabout in Charlieville
Jack Warner on Thursday submitted to the Headquarters of the United National Congress (UNC) his application for nomination as the party's candidate for the Chaguanas West by-election.

In an online letter to constituents and the media, Warner stated that he provided three persons as references: UNC MPs Winston 'Gypsy' Peters and Fuad Khan, and University lecturer 
Dr Joycelyn Rampersad.

In addition it was endorsed by all 31 functioning party groups in the constituency and the signatures of 36 "upstanding constituents". 

He said the party groups provided records of his performance in the constituency and proposals for serving the needs of the constituents if he is selected as the UNC nominee.

The former MP for CWC said his vision for Chaguanas West has not changed and he remains committed to service "both to the constituency and to the Party that I have contributed to building and which I love and because the love and support I have received from the constituents over the past few years."

Warner pointed to the founding principles in the UNC Constitution that ensures the respect for democracy and the voice of the people. "I therefore submit myself to the consideration of the screening committee of the party and I eagerly await the exercise and their subsequent decision," he said.

Warner also told his constituents and the media that CNC3 television and WINtv would rebroadcast at 8:00 PM Thursday his news conference at which he presented the legal opinions of three internationally respected attorneys regarding the CONCACAF Integrity Committee Report which was published in April. 

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