Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack says 6,000 in Chaguanas West ready to vote for him in by-election

Jack Warner at Indian Arrival Day Celebration 
Jack Warner told supporters Wednesday night that 6,000 constituents of Chaguanas West have assured him that they would vote for him in the by-election that he himself caused by his resignation as the MP.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has not yet named the date for the vote, which must be held not later than August 9. The United National Congress (UNC) is currently screening candidates. Warner has submitted his application to be the party's candidate for the seat he has held since 2007.

The former MP was speaking in Caroni at the seventh annual Indian Arrival Day celebration that he has sponsored. He pledged that the celebrations would continue in the future.

Warner spoke about the sacrifices of the Indian community from the time they arrived back in 1845. 

"They endured the disappointment of having arrived at a destination that was advertised as a paradise but which in reality was far from it," he said. 

He spoke of the early days when the forefathers of the Indians in Trinidad and Tobago had to cook in a chulha "with pookni and simta and sleeping on paal in modest ajoupas leepayed with gobar and lagoon clay."

He it is because of their sacrifices that the descendants of the East Indian labourers have today been able to assume places of prominence in their respective fields throughout the world. 

As an aside he lamented the fact that today instead of showing that same determination to achieve upward mobility too many are now just aspiring to having a job in CEPEP and the URP.

Warner noted that the children of the cane cutters also stepped forward to influence national politics "from Bhadase Sagan Maraj to Dr Rudranath Capildeo to Winston Dookeran and Kamla Persad-Bissessar."

He returned to Maraj and his legacy to build the first Hindu School in the country in 1952. From that beginning Maraj, with the assistance of the colonial government, was able to build 41 primary schools.

Warner also reflected on Maraj's historic decision in 1955 to resign his seat from the Legislative council and run again and win. "He resigned as a matter of principle as I did," he said.

He said he considered himself an Indian because of his upbringing and the influences in the communities in which he was raised. And he urged the Indian community to remember the sacrifices and live the dream of their forefathers.

"We must never forget the vision of those who sacrificed all they had so that we could live a dream. We must never forget the hardships they endured. We must never forget that there are others who gave up their opportunities so that we could have a chance in life. 

"We must never forget those who carried burdens so that we would not have to carry burdens today...

"We must also not forget that we too have a responsibility to make the most of the opportunities that we enjoy today because of these sacrifices and in doing so let us build a legacy for those who are yet to come," the former MP said.

"Honour those who have shaped our lives. Look at the paths we are pursuing and examine them in the perspective of the vision. Do what you must to stay true to the course, to the vision," he added.

Warner concluded by telling his audience that his gift for Indian Arrival Day is sponsorship of the award-winning biopic Gandhi on IETV from 8.30 Thursday night and urged everyone to aspire to be like the great Indian leader.

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