Monday, May 6, 2013

Jack pledges to "walk hand in hand" with PM Kamla but attacks Suruj

Jack Warner acknowledges supporters Sunday. Photo Sunil Ramjitsingh
Jack Warner on Sunday officially declared open his campaign for re-election as the MP for Chaguanas West following a motorcade through the constituency. 

And he pledged loyalty to his political leader, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar while attacking a former cabinet colleague and a Deputy Political Leader of the United National Congress (UNC).

Warner spoke at a meeting in Felicity at which he questioned the rationale for him to leave office.

"Since when suspicion is the basis upon which punitive action is taken on the part of the State or any State Agency? Since when are allegations the basis upon which one can hound one out of office?" he asked. 

Warner also attacked one of his former cabinet colleagues, Local Government Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan, and accused the minister of intimidating people who support him. 

He introduced Lengua-St Julien Councillor Alvin Lutchman who alleged that Rambachan, who is a deputy political leader of the UNC, threatened him during a telephone conversation and told him he would not be allowed to seek re-election for the UNC in the upcoming local government election.

He suggested that those who will sit on the screening committee of the United National Congress (UNC) have already made up their minds to reject him as the candidate for the bye-election. However he said he will seek the nomination as a member of the UNC.

Warner asked his supporters to re-elect him and made the point that the people are the ones who really matter.

"No man is bigger than his party but neither is any party bigger than the people it serves," he said. "No party, my friends, is bigger than its supporters and that is why against all odds, against the best advice from friends and political pundits, I have returned to you for a validation of both my stewardship and the integrity with which I served you," he added.

He also offered some advice for Persad-Bissessar and suggested that she takes action on three fronts.

Warner said he is aware that certain ministers in the cabinet are creating problems and suggested that the Prime Minister call them in individually and "read them the riot act".

He also said there is a disconnect between the government and the people and appealed to the Prime Minister to go back and walk among the people and hear their concerns as she did before.  

And he offered to walk "hand in hand" with Persad-Bissessar "to take back the corridor". The former UNC chairman said the political reality is that the government needs to win in the East West corridor in order to win re-election and said he would walk with his leader to guarantee victory. 

Warner also expressed full confidence in his party and the government. 

"I still see the People’s Partnership as the best option for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The PNM under Rowley is still as arrogant, dysfunctional and out of sync with the people of Trinidad and Tobago just like the Patrick Manning administration had been. 

"As a government, the People’s Partnership has had its ups and downs but I remain fully committed to its cause of providing good governance to this nation and, as a member of the UNC, never will I betray and be disloyal to the People's Partnership government. 

"This is a partnership I have defended in good times and in bad times and I have done so more than any other of its present Members of Parliament," Warner said. 

Warner also dismissed talk that he wants to challenge Persad-Bissesssar for the leadership of the UNC. He called such talk "donkey logic" and noted that he has no such ambition. 

"Not once have I ever privately or publicly ever expressed any interest in the political leadership of the UNC. And yet there are those who parrot this nonsense to an unsuspecting few," he declared.

And he reiterated his confidence in Persad-Bissessar. "And here again I want to repeat, Trinidad and Tobago will always fare much better under Kamla Persad Bissessar than Keith “the raging bull” Rowley.

Warner accused the PNM of being involved in a campaign against him and told supporters not to give the PNM a single vote.

"Rowley and his band of PNMites must never feel welcome in Chaguanas West. It must be made clear to the PNM that Chaguanas West is off limits and that you will select your representative solely on the basis of faithful service and good representation," Warner said.

"You cannot trust and must never trust the PNM. For the years they were in Government they treated you with disdain and scorn like a bastard child. Stand your ground my friends. Stay with the true, the tested and the tried. Do not be a victim to their lies and propaganda," he added.

Warner boasted that his track record is his greatest asset since he has always served his constituents. "Tell me what I have ever failed to do for you," he said. 

"When the election date is prepared to make an emphatic statement...give Jack Warner your vote of confidence once again," Warner stated.

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