Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hunt on for cop killer

Express file photo show Cpl Abraham holding a firearm
Police are working round the clock to try to find the killers of acting police corporal Terrence Abraham on Tuesday night.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson told local media: "We will hunt them down wherever they go. Whatever it takes to bring them to justice.”
At the same time he urged other members of the police service to "work smart and to commit yourself to the duty that is before us”. 

Richardson said, “There can be no hiding place from law enforcement.” He also thanked members of the public who have helped investigators. “We have given them the assurance that all information provided will be treated with the strictest sense of confidentiality.

“We want to express our deep concern to let family members know that we are there for them in this time of grief, and the TTPS will do all that is necessary to provide the kind of assistance and support that is necessary at this time,”
Richardson said.

“We want the family to know that while we cannot bring him back, we will bring those responsible to justice in the shortest possible time. To all members of the TTPS, we have to take heart, to work smart and to commit yourself to the duty that is before us.”

Abraham was last stationed at the Chaguanas Traffic Section, and previously worked in the Central Division Task Force. 

Abraham was 39 and had two children. He served in the force for 17 years and is the second officer in recent times to be killed. The other was Mervybn Manwaring, who was shot and killed while trying to apprehend suspects in a robbery in San Fernando.

Abraham died at the Couva District Health Facility on Tuesday night. He had been shot multiple times in what investigators have described as "a planned execution". They are speculating that the murder may be linked to a court case in which several men are facing traffic offences.

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