Thursday, May 16, 2013

AG Ramlogan: Crime fighting requires professionalism and friendly policing

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said on Tuesday fighting crime requires professionalism and friendly policing. 

Ramlogan made the point to reporters 
at his Cabildo Chambers office in Port-of-Spain after he distributed 75 instruments of appointment to marriage officers.

He said policing requires a rough and strong approach to deal with "some of the little terrorists masquerading as bandits who are terrorising the society and holding us to siege.”

He also spoke about the country’s crime statistics and the impact of giving prominent exposure to serious crime.

"I think the statistics would show there is a decrease in serious crime but if you have one horrendous murder on the front page that has a lasting indelible impressions that would easily overwhelm whatever statistics you produce. That does not mean you can disregard the statistics but it does not mean you would be triumphant about the statistics because one murder is one too many.”

Ramlogan said despite the significant decrease in serious crime the Government is still not satisfied. "The murder rate still remains unacceptably high for a small country like T&T and that is why we are putting in place measures to try and arrest the problem," he added.
The Government is trying its best, Ramlogan said. He made reference to the “jammers and grabbers” to block cellphone calls in prisons that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced last week. 

He also spoke about CCTV and rapid response unit for the police service. He was optimistic about the possibilities.

"We believe we can get this beast and monster under control but it also requires the support of each and every citizen," he said. "You cannot have police officers on every doorstep, in front of everyone’s gate and you cannot have situations where people will harbour and hide the criminals in their communities and then complain when bad things happen to them in their communities.

“In some cases, the gangs have infiltrated and penetrated the communities to such an extent that the communities have become a virtual victim and alter-ego of the gangs themselves and we need to be very careful about that when the communities secrete the gang leaders and criminals within the bosom of the communities, sometimes out of fear, sometimes because they fell they have no choice,” he said.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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