Friday, May 10, 2013

Health Minister slams "ungrateful" parents of sextuplets

The government of Trinidad and Tobago invested millions of dollars to ensure that the best care was available to the country's first sextuplets. And government went further and handed the parents of the four surviving babies a new HDC home.
File: Petra Lee Foon, a teacher, and Kieron Cummings
Now the couple, Petra Lee Foon, a teacher, and Kieron Cummings, a bank employee, have complained about the care they received and the children's father has told media he should have taken his girlfriend abroad for treatment.

This has annoyned Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan, who spoke about the matter at Thursday's post cabinet media briefing. He said the parents are grateful and should be thanking the Government, the Prime Minister and the taxpayers of this country.

“I hope he doesn’t have a complaint about the house now that he has gotten from the Government. 

"I wonder if he will say that the room is too small, or they need air-conditioning or they need another storey put on. Looking at their method of approach to what the health sector did for them and to know what is happening now, sometimes, people have to be grateful in life,” said Khan.

Khan said the health services invested millions to ensure the babies had first-class treatment and also made "great sacrifices" as other babies had to be accommodated at other hospitals. “I think, at the end of the day, when people get things easy, they don’t appreciate it,” said Khan.

The minister said according to reports from hospital staff the aftercare for the mother and babies was excellent. "According to the head of the neonatal unit, Dr Carmanee Lutchman, she indicated to me that the aftercare was on international standards, based on all the things we put into place.”

He added, “Time has come to actually tell the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and, hopefully, the Prime Minister thank you for the house when other people didn’t get it, and thank you for bending over backwards to assist us.” 

He also wondered how Cummings would have afforded international care for his wife and babies if he had to ask the Government for a home.

Khan said the public health sector strives to deliver the best care possible for all patients and will continue, despite the negative comments from persons who are ungrateful.

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