Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warner: Kamla is not the enemy; she's the best PM. Former MP targets Rowley

Jack Warner speaks with supporters and reporters in Chaguanas Saturday
"The enemy is not Mrs Persad-Bissessar, she is the best prime minister this country has ever seen. The enemy is not the UNC...the enemy is the PNM, the enemy is Rowley.” 

Those are the words of former cabinet minister, UNC chairman and Chaguanas West MP, Jack Warner. He was speaking Saturday in Chaguanas after launching a campaign for re-election to the seat he has made vacant by his resignation.

“When I hit the platform with Rowley, I shall make some revelations that, unlike me, Rowley would not be able to walk this land after," Warner told supporters as he pledged to "expose secrets" about the PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley while on the campaign trail.

Warner resigned as the Chaguanas West MP on Friday. He won the seat handily in 2007 and 2010 and now he has set his sights on winning it again in a by election that must be held before this year's local government election.

Warner promised to "dig up dirt" on Rowley. "I will be armed with affidavits and statements and expose him to the public for what he really is," Warner said while at the same time praising his political leader as the best head of government the country has ever had. 

"I will in no way be disrespectful to her," he told reporters.

Speaking about his constituency, Warner said he doesn't even have to be the MP to represent them. And he noted that he helped to transform Chaguanas from a “lost city to where it is today."

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