Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter: Kublalsingh got it wrong on soldiers

In a letter published in the Sunday Guardian, Wayne Kublalsingh launches an alarmist spiel that claims our army must remain free from political control. 

He mainly tries to justify his argument by claiming our soldiers are subject to a clearcut chain of command which keeps civilians at bay and refers to what happened in Grenada with Maurice Bishop as a prime example of when politicians "interfere" with an army's conduct. 

The letter's captioned "Chaos if soldiers are under control of politicians". It's online at

Wayne Kublalsingh is completely off base, so off base, the editor should have attached a corrective footnote.

In every functioning democracy, precisely to prevent them becoming renegades, armed forces are kept under civilian control! Commander-in-Chief is the lead designation of President Obama, also of President Carmona. 

If Wayne Kublalsingh reviews the Defence Act, he'd see that the Minister of National Security gives general and specific directives to our Defence Force and that has been so from ever since. Why spew nonsense that politicians exert no control or influence over what our army does and that "an army head who complies with the whim of the politician is a creature of chaos"?

History repeatedly confirms how innocent civilians are put to the sword when an army is allowed to "run its own route", meaning, when armies feel they boss us not we them. Who can forget Hitler, Idi Amin and Pol Pot, Stalin or Augusto Pinochet? 

It's because of the extreme excesses of such military despots that our national hero, His Excellency ANR Robinson, was driven and able to convince the United Nations to establish the International Criminal Court to try and to punish such tyrants.

I must therefore conclude the fast drained Wayne Kublalsingh so much that he's losing completely or forced to absorb the wrong stuff. I pray I'm wrong on that final score and again chide the editor, this time for not inquiring if he is. Along with the law-abiding citizens of Bon Air Gardens, I look forward to the Senate giving the greenlight to the Defence Bill.

Jacqueline George | Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

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