Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Letter: Independent Senators nitpicking on defence bill

From the look of things, what can I say other than that the Independent Senators are dead set against the will of the people? 

The elected parliamentarians approved the Defence Amendment Bill, but the way each Independent Senator set about nitpicking the proposed bill, I'm thinking they feel their role is to make mountains out of molehills and as if they were instructed by some invisible hand to prove a point to persons who had been clamouring for President Carmona to replace them. 

Giving our Defence Force personnel the legitimacy to take the fight to hardened criminals is a simple measure. Instead of adopting the KISS principle and endorsing the proposal, like the elected House did, ex-President Max Richards's handpicked men and women went at the measure as if they want to kiss it goodbye.

Since the motion's in his name, the Attorney General will have to re-strategize the government's future tactics quickly if this Bill is to pass. With its 16 votes and no PNM support, government must convince at least 4 Independent Senators to sign on or the Bill will fall, leaving the AG with major egg on his face. 

The whole situation reminds me of the time when everyone was awaiting the BAE verdict. Things looked gloomy until the man pulled a rabbit out the hat, leaving everyone (even some of his own colleagues) stunned. 

Easter season still lingers. Some Easter eggs must be still lying around waiting to be discovered. Come on, AG! Find one so we, the peace-loving citizens, can breathe easy again! Soldiers must be empowered to help our beleaguered police! Crapo smoke we pipe if the police don't get the fillip!

As to you, President Carmona, I hope you're pleased at your inability to act outside the box after all the hype of your inaugural address. You should have kissed those Independents goodbye!

Jacqueline George | Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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